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Effective Utilisation of Human Resource

by Bumaco LTD on 06/23/20

By Msifuni Kwayu
Organisations invest significant amounts of resources on their  staff with the expectation of achieving business objectives. For example, organisations invest in training, development and staff welfare. Investing on human resources without proper management skills can jeopardise the expected outcomes of the investment. For instance, organisations can invest significantly on staff remunerations but without proper management staff may shirk on their responsibilities.
There are several reasons that can render investment on human resource ineffective. In the modern era, the use of mobile and social media can distract staff from their daily work processes, which sometimes pushes the management to ban such technologies in organisation premises. Despite this negative influence of contemporary technologies in organisation, Kwayu et al (2018) suggest that social media technologies enhance internal communication and are integral in supporting daily work activities within organisation. Thus, management should be cautious on restricting the use of social technologies in organisation. Especially, when considering such technologies are essential for knowledge sharing within organisations. 

The challenge with effective utilisation of human resources is that there isn't a clear strategy. However, this implies a multiplicity of strategies that could make organisations realise their objectives. In my personal view, the best strategy is to create self-awareness among employees and make them own the objective of the organisation. This will help employees to personalise the objective of the organisation and consequently set their own adjective that align with organisational objectives. Pursuing this strategy will provide personal growth to staff and better returns to organisations. Contrary to this, staff will be fooling themselves and overtime the organisation might fail to realise its objective or to maintain the staff. Thus, as Robert Nesta suggested that “you can fool some people for sometime but you can not fool all the people all the time”. This signifies that the objectives of the organisation should align with objectives of its members and vice versa. Finally, achieving effective utilisation of human resource in organisation is rooted on virtues such as integrity, honesty and stewardship from the organisation and its members

Kwayu, S., Lal, B. and Abubakre, M., 2018. The impact of social media on internal communications in the Tanzanian Telecom Industry. In Emerging Markets from a Multidisciplinary Perspective (pp. 119-131). Springer, Cham. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-319-75013-2_11

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